Viken Truck & Bus Wash
        Sletta 10 - Ørje

About us
Viken Storbilvask has in November 2020 opened a modern wash facility for commercial vehicles in Ørje - Norway. Through our other company - Storbilvask AS - located north of Oslo, we have over many years gained experience and knowledge that will benefit our new customers here in Ørje. Thorough exterior and interior cleaning is not only a necessary part of the vehicle's total maintenance, but also an important part of a company's profile, the vehicles are mobile "showcases".

As a professional service provider, everything depends on our customers being satisfied, so satisfied that they will return and become regular customers. Therefore, concepts such as top service, quality, responsibility and reasonable prices are more than empty words for us. We make an effort to live up to the meaning behind these words. A "satisfaction guarantee" shows that we mean business.

The location at Sletta 10 in Ørje, 250m from the E18 and 3km from the Swedish border makes an easy access for a shiny experience.

Viken Storbilvask AS   
Sletta 10 - 1870 Ørje                
Tlf. +47 46  35 31 92/40 59 81 90